Legacy: Upholding Family Values and Preserving Our Heritage at Zealand Wealth Management

At Zealand Wealth Management, we are dedicated to guiding our clients towards financial prosperity while simultaneously nurturing and preserving a legacy that mirrors their unique values and principles. As a family-owned firm, we recognize the profound influence of family legacies in shaping future generations.

Our staunch commitment to family values stems from our Jacobson lineage, rooted in the Danish island of  Sj​ælland (or "Zealand"). Our family name, Jakobsen, originates from the patronymic tradition of adopting the father's name as the surname, a legacy passed down from Jakob Oleson, born in 1819 in Holbæk County, Denmark. Of Jakob's 14 children, Peder Jakobsen migrated to Adair County, Iowa, a farming community mirroring Holbæk, where our family values firmly established and flourished.

Much like Peder's journey to Adair County, our family embarked on an adventure to California from the Midwest in pursuit of work and exploration. Our familial values, deeply embedded in the essence of Adair County, continue to inform our dedication to our clients and their families. At Zealand Wealth Management, we honor our ancestors by embodying the principles that have guided our family across generations. Drawing inspiration from our family history, we are devoted to aiding our clients in curating and protecting their legacies for future generations, extending our family values into the relationships we forge with our clients today.