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Luke A. Jacobson, CFA -- Founding Wealth Management Advisor

Leading Zealand Wealth Management with a client-first philosophy, Luke Jacobson prioritizes transparency, efficiency, and strong partnerships. His approach is deeply rooted in education and a nuanced understanding of finance, reflecting his commitment to client success.  Starting his career in 2001 at Thomas Wiesel Partners, Luke followed this Investment Banking and Research experience with the achievement of the CFA Charter, which marked a significant milestone to solidify his skill in investment analysis and portfolio management. Luke was a Partner at an Institutional RIA in San Diego, Wall Street Associates.  Here he focused on growth strategies and the practical application of financial theories, sharpened his skill in navigating investment complexities and emphasized the value of team portfoio construction and risk management.  With this investment professional background and education comes a unique wealth management style.  Luke specializes in addressing the intricate needs of affluent families, corporate leaders, and entrepreneurs with tailored strategies that cover tax optimization, long term planning, and risk management, aiming to align financial plans with clients' long-term ambitions.  Luke's personal journey as a father and entrepreneur infuses his work with empathy and foresight, promoting trust and proactive engagement in the wealth management process. This empowers clients with stability and confidence, guiding them towards decisions that align with their aspirations.
California Insurance License #4159361.

Mutual Advisors, LLC: RIA Team

Daniel Dominguez -- Client Services

Daniel Dominguez stands at the forefront of our client service efforts, expertly handling all necessary administration and ensuring personalized service with our clients. His meticulous approach to client service not only simplifies processes but also fosters a trusting and reliable relationship between our clients and our firm.  His role is essential in maintaining the high standards of support and service that our clients expect and deserve. Through his direct interactions, Daniel has become an indispensable part of our team, embodying our commitment to delivering unparalleled client experiences.

Chuck Borquist -- Director of Investment Solutions

Chuck serves as our Director of Investment Solutions, where his daily communications with advisors focus on addressing their investment needs. He is pivotal in the ongoing development of our Investment Management Program (IMP), collaborating closely with our trading team, third-party money managers, and constantly exploring new strategies to broaden our offerings. Chuck believes in powering success through personal connections. By engaging in meaningful conversations about the challenges and pain points advisors face, he identifies issues to collaboratively devise effective solutions, enhancing our service and support framework.

Justin Jolly -- Chief Compliance Officer

At the heart of our advisory support and compliance efforts, Justin plays a crucial role in facilitating the growth of our advisors' businesses with a keen eye on scalability and risk management. His daily interactions with advisors and collaboration with our seasoned compliance team underscore his commitment to developing process-driven systems. These systems are designed not only to foster advisors' success but also to ensure the firm's adherence to evolving regulations, highlighting a balance between innovation and compliance. Justin champions success through genuine partnerships, drawing on his strengths as a Learner and Relator to deeply understand the practices of advisors and their navigation of regulatory landscapes. His approach is rooted in a belief that authentic relationships and continuous learning are pivotal to addressing the unique challenges and opportunities within the advisory sector.